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Receive notifications only for items that match your specified filters for country, price, and condition. No spam, just what you want.

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Stay updated on pricing fluctuations over time for your tracked items, allowing you to make informed decisions when to buy at the best price.

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Receive a notification when your favorite discs and vinyls are available for purchase, tailored to your preferences.

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Get price suggestions for your records vinyl and disc records based on market data to make informed decisions about selling or buying.

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A great starter plan to experience DiscoRocks.
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  • Track 20 releases for free
  • Max 30 minutes delay
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Personalized number of releases, for power users and resellers.
  • Custom amount of releases
  • Max 30 minutes delay
  • Price changes history
  • Price suggestion (100/day)


The perfect solution for rare releases requiring real-time notifications.
  • Custom amount of releases
  • Max 3 minutes delay
  • Price changes history
  • Price suggestion

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DiscoRocks is still a young product, don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss new features or different pricing options with us.

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